Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint: An Introduction for Beginners

How e-commerce products are photographed?

Dummy model dolls, also known as mannequins are used by photographers to take photographs of different garments, ornaments, and other related products. Dummy dolls are used to cut the cost of models. By using Photoshop ghost mannequin service, the dummy doll is removed without hampering the 3D shape of any cloth. This is the most popular way used by the photographers to portray the products retaining the real shapes without any dolls or real body. In this way, photographers can easily list a range of products in a quick time and less cost.

Why Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Service?

Ghost mannequin is an amazing way to bring the products to life. However, a question arises here, do the photographers have the luxury to spend hours for editing tens and hundreds or images and keep their primary job photography aside? The answer, in most cases, is ‘NO’!

So what should photographers do in this kind of circumstance? Of course they would seek for professional and expert editors to get their job done in comparatively less time and in a minimum rate.

The Origin of the Name ‘Ghost Mannequin’

The name ghost mannequin comes due to the invisibility of the doll or the mannequin. In Photoshop, the mannequin is removed very precisely, retaining the accurate look of the cloth as if it has been put onto any ghost’s body. This is the cause behind the name ‘Ghost Mannequin’. It is also known as neck joint, invisible mannequin etc.

When a photographer takes a photo of any apparel product, for example, a polo t-shirt, they take the photo twice. The first photo is taken when the t-shirt is put on the mannequin and the next one is taken closely, the inner sire of neck which is invisible in the first photo.

What is Neck Joint? Why is it Important?

Let’s imagine you are standing in front of a mirror wearing a polo t-shirt. Look at yourself in the mirror carefully. Can you see the through your neck, can you see the inner side of the collar/neck. No? Then what was that photo when you bought your t-shirt online. On that e-commerce site where you had seen the product listing, you saw an array of t-shirts without dummy dolls. You remember you could see the inner side of the collar where you saw the tag of your favorite brand.

Now, are you trying to figure out how did they manage to do that? Yes, this is the magic of ghost mannequin in Photoshop. Now it’s clear to you why it is also popularly known as neck joint, isn’t’ it?

How do they do it?

Let us come back to our technical steps once again. When photographers take photos of different t-shirts, they take a close photo of the inner side of the neck. They would join the two parts using ghost mannequin service in Photoshop, so that the product becomes 3D in shape.

Where do you see this service? Who needs it most?

When you visit an e-commerce site, you get a section that lists hundreds of products. When you click on a product you intend to know more or look at it in a close range view, you would see the product opens up in a new page. There you can see the front 3D/2D view of the product. There is an option to zoom in and zoom out the product to view the materials and sewing line closely. Also, you can click on images that are captured from different angle. There are some common apparels that are frequently listed by using ghost mannequin service. The common products are- T-shirt, Blouse, Blazer, Suit, Pant, Jacket, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Polo, Cardigan etc. Apart from the apparel category, jewelries also need ghost mannequin service. Basically, any product that is wearable but not visible fully due to any body parts interruption, needs Photoshop ghost mannequin service.

Apart from e-commerce sites, photographers for their personal portfolio, different companies for their product listing, fashion houses for their products, and garments companies for their website and catalogue regularly need ghost mannequin service.

Ghost Mannequin in Adobe Photoshop

Since ghost mannequin is a sophisticated and delicate work, it needs to be done by highly skilled professionals to retain the flawlessness of any product. Often graphics designers need to execute the job in pen tablet which is one of the most advanced graphic editing tool in Photoshop. Therefore, the mannequin service may seem fun and interesting, but without expert hands and experienced eyes the fun can turn into dismal at any moment.

The advantages of Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Service

The most important and primary advantage of Mannequin Service is that it cuts cost of models which is a huge thing for any business. Fashion photography has become and industry and it takes a big budget to afford it. Addition to photography farm, when models are also hired, the budget becomes double. On the other hand, if models are replaced by ghost mannequin service, then the cost becomes half. One may argue that then a budget for ghost mannequin service providers must be allocated. Yes it’s true, but how much? Or how much less to be precise? Perhaps, 20 times or more, the cut will be unbelievably lower. Also, it saves time which is priceless. Preparing sets for every time and giving make up to the models given that they will need time to change everything for each new product, the whole photo-shoot may take several days or weeks even. On the other hand, professional neck joint or mannequin service will take one or two days max.

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